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Begin Again

by The Dialogue

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I feel your touch from miles away But I know it’s just my mind playing tricks on me And I swear I see you everywhere It’s my eyes, they’re starving for another glance Let me run into your arms So, I’m sure this is no mirage Hold you tight, I won’t let go This is real and now I know I keep seeing you everywhere Hearing you in the words to every song that plays And I really wish I didn’t care Sleepwalking with you on my mind all-day Please forgive my confusion I reached for you, but it was an illusion I swear I heard you call my name out loud I look around but you are nowhere in this crowd I see you past the smoke and mirrors And I can hear you clearer As you’re drawing nearer The anticipation Just keeps escalating I can reach out and grasp your hand This sensation is true All my senses bursting Heading in Going straight to you I’m sure of what I’m seeing I won’t hide this feeling I just want you baby Won’t settle for a maybe
So Bad 03:07
One step forward and three steps back I tighten the reigns then I give it some slack I run far away but I always come back Cause you’re tried and you’re true And I’ve got it so bad for you You know that I do This all just seems like madness Stepping back and forth in a crazy dance Rest your weary body here with me I’ll show you what tried and true really means ‘Cause I’ve got it so bad for you You know that I do Uncontrollable Undeniable What I feel for you Stepping forward and back Getting lost in the dance And all I know is that I got it so bad for you Pushing, pulling, praying, hoping Waiting, watching, wishing for a change Is there really any difference Is this even love at all Here we go ‘round the circle again To the left, to the right. Who takes the first step? All I know is we’re in this together. It doesn’t really matter ‘Cause I’ve got it so bad for you. You know that I do
I thought I heard you singing As I began to slowly wake From a sleep so deep I visited my father in some place I thought I heard you singing As I stirred and then came to Opened my eyes and deeply sighed ‘Cause there’s no sign of you How is it that this happens In a lucid, clear felt dream If I have to dream just to be with you Then I’m going back to sleep What I thought was your touch Was really just a breeze The windows are all open Bring me back to this reality All the places we had gone Were just pictures in my mind Memories replaying The past we left behind Oh, oh Let’s just stay in bed together Passing the time, enjoying each other Oh, oh Let’s just stay in bed together Who needs the world When we’re both right here Just say the word, I’ll make time stand still We can float on cloud nine The world is wide beyond the windowsill Between the sheets we will hide If I have to dream Just to be with you Then I’m going back to sleep
Begin Again 03:56
Flowers fold when the sun goes down Protect their parts, take off their crowns By morning light they bloom again Like new they begin again New they begin again The days get shorter, and the nights grow colder Withering Jewels fall and fade with the wind The crowns may be bare, (BOTH) but the roots run deep Like new they’ll begin again New they’ll begin again Oh. Where do we go from here? The throne room is empty. The petals have been plucked. I’m left with nowhere to run, Nothing to give, and no one Who cares enough to lift the stems That gave them so much shade There’s nothing left to say and little left to do Heavy is the head that bares the crown But time moves on So we will too Like new we begin again New we begin again
It's only the two of us on the road. Think we better pull over before I explode. 'Cause the love that you gave me is stuck in my head Like a song one we loved before it all went wrong. And the lights are all flashing. We can't drive that way, but I will ride with you aimlessly. Just point the way. I welcome the detour if it means that I get more of you. It's only us inside this car. My heart keeps beating ever quicker I sneak a glance at every light. Record your face at every turn. Lead me any way you want. I'll go where you go. Take the turns that you say If it means that I'll... Be where you are Be where you are Be where you are. Here we are, here we are I've been waiting for this moment. It's been playin' in my mind and now we're face to face. What I had to say is not enough. What did you have to say? That on this road that we have shared you've been my one consistent thought. With every detour and the moon, Turn on guided cue You've been my one consistent thought. You've been my one con-sis-tent thought. With every pause and every breath We made it to the final stretch. You are my one consistent thought. You are my one consistent thought.
I see you crying I know you’ve been done wrong Just give me one chance To do it right Let me dry your tears… oh Let me treat you right. I just wanna love you, my love my love. I just wanna love you, my love, my love. No more pain and no more cryin’. I’ll care for you and I’ll be there for you I’ll dry your tears… oh. I’ll do it all for you. I’ll dry your tears… oh. I’ll do it all I just wanna love I just wanna love It doesn’t matter what’s been done before. Whoa As long as you are here with me It doesn’t matter what’s been done before. Whoa As long as you are here with me
Polaroid 04:10
Some people say that a picture’s worth a thousand words, (Some people say) And others say that a photograph captures every moment right, (Others say) Well, I don’t know if all that’s true, but I’ve got my camera and its lens is on you. I’ll take an instant photo to keep that smile on your face, the memories of when you are happy And I know the shutter speed, exposure or the dark room won’t replace The feelings of when you are with me Some people hide behind smiles Trying to cover up the truth (I’ve seen people) I’ve seen the flash bring out the brightest smile from the roughest face (Oh, I have seen) I’ve slowly learned that all that’s true So, I’ve got my camera and its lens is on you There’s more to see beyond the 3x4, the 4x6 The world cannot be seen with just a shake Spend all your time with film developing what you can’t fix The pictures there for good It will not break Tell me what can I do to prove my focus is on you The depth of field, the ratio You’re the subject that I can’t let go A steady hand, a focused eye In color or in black and white Portrait mode or analog Panning short or panning long I’ll capture you like you’ve got me In picture and in memory… Some people say that a picture’s worth a thousand words
I wanna get lost trying to find you Take the road less traveled To where you lay waiting Let me take you today, tomorrow, forever Who needs to think about an ending Let’s waste the day and spend the night together You and me tangled here forever We don’t need to worry about the weather Get lost in each other in surrender I want you so bad, don’t wanna wait I wanna go down, I want my fix Won’t leave you waiting or wanting more ‘Cause I’ll be coming for you darling It doesn’t matter where I might be Don’t need to hear about a thousand and one nights When we’ve got right here, right now Who needs to know where either one of us may be or where you end and I begin Places to be and sights to see can have their fame, but baby I just want your body No place to go, no dates to keep, and no appointments. Let me take you, baby


released October 26, 2023


all rights reserved



The Dialogue Sarasota, Florida

United as THE DIALOGUE, Angela Galestro and Paul Cuevas merge a rich tapestry of influences spanning blues, salsa, classical, folk, pop, jazz, and classic rock. Infused with their profound appreciation for language and poetry, they weave a captivating and original musical genre that is uniquely their own. ... more

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